iRobot Makers of Roomba got approval for selling and making Lawn Mower robot



It has been quite sometimes, when we first heard about the automated lawn mower, which was made by the creators of Roomba iRobot Corp. But now we may see this lawn mower, because FCC has approved iRobot for selling and building the automated robotic lawn mower.

iRobit Corp is a Bedford Massachusetts, USA based robot manufacturing company, which is known for making the robotic vacuum cleaner named Roomba. According to Reuters reports, this hands free lawn mower will operate by connecting wirelessly with the stakes in the ground, which will map out the area where it have to cut.

The stake design of the company was required a waiver from the regulatory commission, as NRAO thought that this will cause the problem with their radio signals, because the frequency range is same. The official complaint of NRAO states, “there could be a quite complex and disruptive interaction between the iRobot emissions and our [radio signals]”. FCC has granted the waiver, regardless of the complaint from National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO). FCC said that this will not impact astronomers work, as its limitation of height, signal strength won’t harm their signals.

The news of the auto lawn mower robots was heard nearly a decade ago, the works on this project have been active for nine years, so when this automated lawn mower robot will be available is still uncertain. According to Reuters, iRobot Corp. says that this waiver will allow them “continue exploring the viability of wideband, alongside other technologies, as part of a long-term product exploration effort in the lawn mowing category.”