iPhone 8 Release Date and Specs – Latest Rumours


2017 is going to be the 10th Anniversary of the Apple and its devices. On this occasion, the Apple has planned a major innovation, to celebrate this occasion. It’s only a month before we get to see the iPhone 8 launch and the rumors have that the device is going to have ambitious features, embedded in it hinting that it will the most impressive phone that Apple has produced till date, in the iPhone series.

iPhone 8 01


Apple has tested around 10 iPhone 8 prototype models, leading to rumors that are floating around but there are going to be some generic features that we can expect even before the leaks. The iPhone 8 is expected to have a radical design with an edge display where extraordinary features like Touch ID fingerprint sensor – inbuilt and the front facing camera. However, according to the iPhone 8 rumors, the touch ID is believed to be replaced with facial recognition software, that Apple has been working on.


With an edgy design, iPhone 8 is pretty similar to the 4.7 inch iPhone that we have seen in the start but only with a display of 5.5 inches. Rumors suggest that the display will be a bit more, around 5.8 inches with 5.15 inches of usable area and viral buttons were given to act as Home button. The display is going to be an outstanding feature because of the OLED plastic with flexibility rather than the generic LCD display. Because of this, the Apple’s upcoming device is going to be relatively thinner, consuming less power and with high contrast, adding more colors to life. It will also have a 2.5D curved display used in iPhone 7 display.


Talking about the body of the device, iPhone is finally growing apart from the aluminum case that has been used in the previous iPhones, starting from 5 and will adopt a glass body this time, the one that has been similar to the iPhone 4. According to Ming Chi Kuo, an analyst, the glass will be framed around a stainless steel skeleton which is similar to the Apple Watch.

Water Resistance: 

The dummy model of iPhone 8 has been shared by Ben Miller. Like the previous model, this version is going to water resistant and it might have improved IP68 resistance rating, too; allowing you to hold up to rain, briefly submerge in water, drizzle, splashes and the resistance is confirmed by the supplier, full-fledged. Inside the device, a 10-nanometer chip is expected which will be faster and as well as efficient including features like biometric facial recognition and induction wireless charging; to increase the functionality and device security.

iPhone 8 04

3D Sensor:

In higher end models that have a dual camera, both the lenses are going to feature image stabilization. The front facing camera of iPhone 8 will have advanced 3D sensing capabilities which use the PrimeSense technology allowing it to find the depth and the location of the objects, before it enabling the facial recognition ability. Rumors also suggest that the Apple is going to use a rear camera for better pictures and improved Augmented Reality functionality along with the FaceTime camera, on the front.


Apple is said to sell iPhone 8 as a premium model but will be sold with the 4.7 model and the 5.5 inch model with traditional screens. The iPhone 8 is going to cost $1000, which is expensive than the previous phones. The companion devices of iPhone 8 are expected to be available in the general gold, black and silver colors. The rendering of iPhone8 is going to be based on the leaked drawings, given the design changes; Apple is planning to introduce this device only in small members and it is said that not many people will be able to get their hands on the iPhone 8.


There are multiple rumors going on about the type and size of the panels that are to be used for iPhone 8 and rumors say that Apple is testing more prototypes for assurance. While we the information seems to be inconsistent, the screen size is going to be 5.8 inches with a smaller active display area. According to Mac Otakara, a Japanese Site; the high-end iPhone is planning on introducing a dual camera arrangement instead of the horizontal camera system. Informed by the Taiwanese supplier, it has not yet been collaborated by any second sources to give an official confirmation.

iPhone 8 07


TSMC has started designing a 10-nanometer type A11 chip. According to the sources, the initial stages of the device has been completed. The chances of seeing this chip in the next iPhone are very high. Apple, however, has completed the tradition of making powerful and efficient hardware. The A12 chip is customized, however, the smaller chip is more energy efficient and powerful when compared to later. The Wireless charging is also not something new to the market and Apple’s idea has been focused on wireless charging technology. This technology, for sure is going to be superior to other methods because you won’t have to search for the charger all the time. On a whole, the Apple iPhone 8 is definitely one of the most anticipated phone, recently.