iPhone 6 media event rumored to be on September 9th


As every knows most awaited phone in the recent times is iPhone 6, As per rumors every thing set for media event which is going to be arranged by Apple on 9th in the month of September.  The focal point of this media event is to be on the next generation iPhones. As per past rumors the device expected to come in two variants with respective display size. One variant feature a display of 4.7 inch display and other one is 5.5 inch huge display. This devices will be running on New A8 processor. To know every thing about this iPhone 6 you have to wait until 9th of September.



This event on second week of September is going to clear all the rumors which are unveiled past, but there is no conformation about this event what exactly the Apple is planning to unveil. It looks like Apple has put wheels in motion for scheduling the event, but officially press people doesn’t got invitation from Apple company. Every has lots of expectation about how this iPhone 6 will release this two variant next generation phone. Still one more is came in to existence that iPhone 6 with 5.5 inch variant will be delayed until October may be we will get this phone probably next year 2015.

No one knows what Apple is unveiling with 4.7 variant. Recode which has solid track record on the media even dates of Apple, reported that similar to other company Apple is planning to introduce iwatch device in the month of October. We have to wait until official announcement from the Apple. Stay tune for more details