Apple iPhone 6 Documents Leak Hinting 128 GB Variant

By | August 22, 2014

The next generation Apple iPhone slated to create a sizzling effect in the tech media world on September 9 is acclaimed for its large display. But, latest reports suggest that this would not be the only great feature of the iPhone 6 as it is claimed to come with a significant memory upgrade.

iphone 6

According to the documents shared by Chinese Apple repair firm GeekBar, the hardware schematics of the iPhone 6 have been revealed. From this, it is clear that the handset will come with 128 GB of internal storage option along with the 16 GB and 64 GB variants. Notably, there is no word regarding the 32 GB variant that is common.

As per the leak, Toshiba and Hynix will be providing 16 GB NAND flash chips and the latter will also take charge for a portion of the 64 GB NAND chips with SanDisk being responsible for the rest. From this, it is evident that Toshiba will be making the 128 GB memory chips for the iPhone 6.

Even the earlier reports were suggesting that the Cupertino based firm will be launching super exclusive and expensive iPhone 6 models with 128 GB of default storage space. So far, Apple came up with 128 GB of storage space for the first time with the fourth-generation iPad that went official in early 2013 and there is no iPhone model that features such a large storage capacity.

Of course, the implementation of 128 GB of storage space will translate to higher price points of iPhone. Going by the usual pricing strategy, this new larger memory variant could be priced at least $50 to $100 higher than the 64 GB variant of the iPhone 6.

Author: Abhinaya Prabhu

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