iPad Microsoft office got update with PDF exporting and more

By | August 1, 2014

Recently Microsoft updated One Note app for iPhone, mac as well as iPad. Now new version of Microsoft Office suite is available for iPad with PDF exporting, presenter view, third party fonts and many more. This new version 1.1 of office includes list of new feature as I mentioned earlier. This update brings the ability to send the files from word and Excel as a PDF file, Presenter view for a power point and more. Let us see in detail what’s new in this iPad Microsoft Office update

What’s New in version 1.1

Microsoft Excel 

  • Send PDF file : With this update the app will have ability to send the Word
  • External Keyboard support : This makes easy, use the same keys to input data and you can move around the worksheet similar to PC or Mac.
  • Flick to select: Flick a cell selection in handle any direction quickly and easily you can select all the data in rows and column.
  • Even this includes Pivot tables, Print tables, picture tools and Fonts

Microsoft Word

  • Send PDF : From word  you can send files as PDF files
  • Picture Tools : Crop to focus on just right part of a photo, or reset to undo your changes.
  • Fonts : Even third party fonts are also available.

Microsoft Power Point

  • Presenting View : view and edit speaker notes, see your next slid, or jump to other slides while presenting.
  • Picture Tools : similar to Word as well as Excel by using picture tools you can crop to focus on just right part of a photo, or reset to undo your changes.
  • Even this includes play media, you can insert video, Hyper links.
  • Fonts : Even third party fonts are also available.

If you are interested each app is available for free download from App store, but requires a subscription to Microsoft to unlock full features.

Author: Micheal Edward Tansey

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