iOS7 Jailbreak Tweak : Draw picture instead of password


Generally people unlock their smartphone either by using pattern or entering the password, if you are using latest iPhone or Galaxy S5 you have another option to unlock your device is fingerprint scan. But imagine instead of using password or pattern, if you could unlock your device by drawing something like smiley, your name’s first letter etc, isn’t it great??


Yes! iPhone users now can use this feature to unlock their device. This is a latest Jailbreak tweak released for iPhone users running iOS7 and more.

The tweak is called “Stride 2” available for jailbroken iOS 7 device, the tweak allows you to ‘Draw Your Passcode.’ You just need configure the pattern you want to use, set the sensitivity (how close the drawing has to be to your pattern in order to unlock), and you are done!.

It’s really clean and decent, and I think probably a great deal more secure than a easy to-recall passcode. A drawing can have infinitely more variety than password, or pattern unlocking.

Checkout the video to learn more about this innovative tweak.

Stride 2 is available on Cydia under BigBoss Repo at just $2.99