iOS beats Android and Windows Smartphone Sale in US

By | January 7, 2015


The popular research company, Kantar Worldpanel has recently unveiled a report showing smartphones market of 2014’s last quarter in US revealed an interesting fact that Apple’s iPhone 6 market has just destroyed the Windows and Android smartphone sale since the arrival of the latest iOS 8 running iPhone 6 in the US.

The report also reveals that the Android smartphone decline and phenomenal iPhone growth has been observed not only in USA but in other European regions and other major markets as well.

According to the Kantar, the decrement in Android sale begun since the launch of Apple’s iOS 8 to the public.

[quote]”While remaining the dominant global OS, Android’s market share dropped in most European markets and in the US where the decline was the first since September 2013,” claimed Carolina Milanesi, the Chief of Research at Kantar Worldpanel. “The choice of brands and devices within the ecosystem empowers consumers to drive different fortunes for the players in it.”[/quote]

As per the date revealed by the research company, the Android smartphone US sale before November 2014 was around 48.4%, which shows a 2.1% decrement than 2013’s report. Where, at the same stage, Apple iOS saw a decent 4.3% of growth compared to 2013’s result. However, the Android is still the choice in US but iOS is just a percent behind while the Windows Phone is still at 3rd position with 3% share.