iOS apps overtakes Hollywood in earning


It is not new for anyone to know iOS app developers make lot of money but can it be more than the Hollywood film makers? Seems like it is.

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A recent study Asymco shows that apps made as much money as US box office in the last year by raking in more than $10 million. Revenue of App store have reached $25 billion (since 2008) and the prices of the app increased by 50%.

Games like Angry Birds, Candy Crush Sage and the mobile version of Facebook earned more leaving the efforts of the movie makers left behind, despite of box-office hit movies like The Hunger Games, Interstellar., Its quite surprising to know the app develops earn much more than the Hollywood stars and the apps industry offer more jobs in USA than the Tinseltown.

The growth of the apps industry does not seem to slow down but is expected to hit higher. Looking at the apps sales by iTunes last year, industry analysts Asymco found the app industry is healthier than Hollywood despite of many hit films.

iOS app and hollywood

Finnish Developers Rovio Entertainment that produced the widely sold Angry Birds game now earns more than the biggest stars like Tom Cruise and Robert Downey Jr. The case is not only with the top paid but also with the average paid app and average paid actor.

Asynco stated that it did not obtain the full picture of the apps sold at iTunes and does not include the revenue generated from Google’s Android apps. ¬†Android apps are much more popular in USA, which makes it quite clear that app developer are out-earning Hollywood in a bigger figure. Similarly, it doesn’t¬† consider the money earned through Hollywood merchandises and other sources, though its known the hollywood merchandises cannot equal money earned through Android apps.

During the unsown time of Hollywood (i.e during first week of January), iTunes had already earned around $500 millions on apps. The most popular paid app was Minecraft for Apple and free app being Facebook’s messenger app, followed by Whatsapp and Snapchat in 2014.

Apps are now a bigger digital content business with the introduction of smart TVs, smart wearables apart from the smartphones. It also makes more revenue than music, tv programmes, movie rentals and DVD purchases put together.

It should also be noted that not every app developer is making truckload of money. Study shows 50% of iOS developers and almost 64% of the Android app developers make less than $500 per year, falling under below the ‘app poverty line.’

But while looking at the overall picture, 2015 seems to kick-started great for app developers with record breaking sales running ahead of Hollywood. The trend also shows that tech is over-taking the silver screen and would continue to do so.