iOS 9 switches from slow Wi-Fi to Cellular Data automatically

By | August 7, 2015

Apple knows that the Wi-fi connectivity isn’t always the best way to connect with internet, it switches automatically to cellular data when the Wi-Fi signal is weak.

Sometimes, when you’re browsing something really important and because of the slow Wi-Fi connectivity or the weak signal, you tend to see two things, one is ‘the web page is not available’ or you would see the wheels spinning, spinning and spinning. Either you have to keep waiting until the server directs you or you can switch from Wi-Fi to cellular data manually.

The new iOS 9 fixes this problem by featuring new option called Wi-Fi Assist, which works automatically when your Wi-Fi connectivity is relatively slow switches to your mobile data network. The on/off toggle switch for Wi-Fi assist enables the phone to choose Wi-Fi connectivity or Cellular Data. The idea is really simple but yet no one ever came up with such concept or to initiate and execute. There are many apps for boosting up your internet signal for Android, Windows and Apple, but the fact is that iOS 9 made it easy and simpler for all the iUsers.

The Big Snatch:

This new stratagem is wholly and solely for the users of iOS 9, even if you are on iOS 8, you will have to wait for the big snatch iOS 9. iOS 9 will be soon available in the near store within few days. The new “Wi-Fi Assist” feature was speckled by 9to5Mac for the first time, along with a group of other new stuff hiding in the beta.

This new feature is in the developer version of iOS 9, but you can expect it to be in the full version when it launches in September – presumably with the iPhone 6S.