IO Hawk – Self balancing transporter CES 2015



CES is always a big bag of surprises. As ever, CES 2015 has not disappointed the tech junkies with this sexy motorized self balancing personal transporter IO Hawk which is more of a high-tech love child of segway and skateboard.

Alike the segway (but minus the handlebar), the transporter is motorized, battery powered and uses gentle pressure from the feet of the rider to direct the pathway. It responds to the shift in the balance of the rider and moves in that direction.


It can travel at the speed of 6 mph and around 10 to 12 miles at one charge. It travels very smooth and silently. There are lights behind the base which is not only an eye-catchy cool factor but its also acts as a safety/security measure. It weighs as less as 22 pounds which makes it light to carry. It comes in three colors (red,white and black) and is ready for pre-order at the IO Hawk’s website for $1800.

A person riding IO hawk looks very cool for if one does not notice the rider’s feet all one can see is a person gliding. Definitely an exotic doodad!