Introducing Hashtags On Kik


Kik is continuing with its policy of rolling out new features regularly. After introducing promoted chats and its in-app browser, Kik is now taking the wraps off its news hashtag feature. Its an innovative new feature that helps you in creating and inviting people to join your group. To give an example, you create a hashtag for your group, lets say #classof92. Whenever a user will click on that hashtag #classof92, they’ll be automatically added to the group. Upto 50 participants are allowed in one group.

kik hashtag

Kik CEO Ted Livingston wrote,” It’s a way to let you be whoever you want to be, with whoever wants to talk to you. It’s a social network on your terms.”

This hashtag feature highlights the facts that chats can also be made social with the right tools. This feature is very much similar to that in Path, and Facebook before it grew up. Because of the limit on the number of participants, it keeps the chats smaller and more to the point. It makes sure that your Kik life doesn’t become too intrusive for you real life.

Group chatting has been there for a while, so it’s nothing to get overawed by. What’s interesting is the speed with which Kik is rolling out new features. It shows that group chatting also holds a lot of promise in the future when it comes to chat apps. It will provide a similar type of structured organization that Twitter has always provided with its hashtags; and Facebook recently.