The Interview Will Be Screened On Christmas Day, Finally


Produced by Sony Pictures, The Interview will finally be released on Christmas Day after it became the centre of a massive hacking storm. Texas theatre chain, Alamo Drafthouse has reportedly received the go ahead to screen The Interview at their theaters on Christmas Day.

the interview

The controversial movie features the death of North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-un and was removed from all distribution channels last week after Sony fell victim to a huge hack attack. All signs suggested that North Korea was behind this cyber attack. It was appearing like Sony would never be able to release the movie, until continued pressure paid off and they promised that a way would be found to release the movie.

There has been no dearth of rumours and reports relating to the movie’s eventual release. There was also massive speculation on how the movie would be released. Netflix was touted as a popular alternative. Bit Torrent, the popular download site also offered its Bundles service to Sony so that they could release the movie legally.

Sony has plans to release the movie on demand simultaneously along with the theatrical experience.