Internet.Org App With Free Access to Facebook, Google and more Launches In Zambia

By | August 4, 2014

85% of the 5 billion users without Internet basically can’t bear the internet cost. So Facebook’s openness activity today launches its Android and web application for the evolving world with free internet access to a restricted set of services including Facebook, Messenger, Google Search, Wikipedia and many useful services. It additionally gives local employment news, climate, health and ladies’ rights resources.

InternetOrg‘s app is landing in Zambia before heading to other developing countries ultimately, and is a association with local carrier Airtel who brings the free access of those services listed above in belief that Zambians see the web’s value and purchase pre-paid data through the app to probe the rest of the Internet., Facebook’s association with six telecom organizations, is additionally working on satellites and drones to offer Internet connection base to the 15% of people who are not connected because of the fact that they’re in remote ranges with no cell towers in reach. The activity to get more people on the Internet is sometimes criticized as a Facebook development strategy taking on the appearance of selflessness. In this current,’s application will truth be told develop Facebook by making use free in Zambia.

To push the application in Zambia there will be call-outs in the Facebook application, an awareness campaign and notifications to Airtel users. The nation’s residents can then visit from their cell phone or from a feature phone with installed web browser for a completely free access. On the other hand, they can pay for a little data just to download the application that is only 800KB.

Users can use one of a selection of apps entirely for free. These include:

Facebook – for staying in touch with friends
Facebook Messenger – for direct contact with loved ones
Google Search – to find information, though clicking through to results will require a data plan
Airtel – to learn more about the carrier and buy data plans
Go Zambia Jobs – to search for jobs
MAMA (Mobile Alliance for Maternal Action) – Info on maternal health for impoverished mothers
Kokoliko – search for jobs
Wikipedia – to learn about anything, and all internal Wikipedia links are free to access
AccuWeather – to get updated weather information that’s critical for farmers
WRAPP (Women’s Rights App) – learn about women’s rights and what to do if rights have been violated
eZeLibrary – to learn about Zambian government
Zambia uReport (by UNICEF) – To find HIV and AIDS health info
Facts for Life (by UNICEF) – to find heath and hygiene info including advice on pregnancy, childbirth, childhood illnesses, child development, parenting, protection, and child care.

If the app is a success in Zambia, you can expect will start rolling out in different carriers and countries in Asia, Africa, and South America where the same data affordability problem prevail. And if Facebook can be one of the first ways people experience the Internet, they won’t forget it as they become full-fledged Internet users.