How to integrate Service packs into Microsoft Office setup


Microsoft will be regularly releasing Service Packs for its products like Windows Operating System, Microsoft Office and more. The service packs brings the updates to the products, hotfixes and fix several bugs and several issues present in the software. Installing the service packs separately or manually always takes extra time and here slipstreaming comes to rescue.

Slipstreaming service pack in the software product is the process of adding the new service pack files into the main software setup so that when you install the software product, it automatically installs the service pack updates and don’t need to install the service pack manually. If you want to integrate the service packs into the Microsoft Office Setup, then the below discussed tutorial will help you.


How to integrate Service packs into Microsoft Office setup

  • First copy Office setup files from the setup source such as disc to your hard disk drive. You can copy the setup files to anywhere on your PC.
  • Now download the service pack setup files from the Microsoft site. Remember that service packs for Microsoft Office are cumulative, means that service pack latest version contains all the latest updates present in the previous version of service pack.
  • You need to extract all files from the service pack EXE file. Extract the service pack files using any third party application. After extracting the service pack’s EXE file content, you will get the several files in the new folder like .txt, .xml, .msp.
  • Now go to the folder containing Office setup files and search for folder Updates inside it. If you don’t find the folder create a new folder and name it as Updates. 
  • Now copy the content of the service packs’s EXE file which you get after extracting ans paste them in the Updates folder.

That’s it, you are done, whenever you run the Office setup.exe file, it will automatically install service packs files.