Installing Solar Panel? Check Google’s Project Sunroof!

By | August 18, 2015


Sunroof project of Google will help you in getting solar panels on your roof bit easily. This service of Google will analyze your roof of how much sun your roof gets on daily basis, by using the data of Google Map’s 3D modeling and then coat the roofs with thermal maps. The main goal of this is to show you most sun soaked part of your roof as well as the parts of roof, which may be obstructed by some objects of the surroundings.

Currently this project Sunroof works only in the San Francisco Bay Area and Fresno, central California and Boston.

If you are living in any of the above mentioned area, you can try this project to know where on the roof, you should install the solar panel to generate maximum energy. If you want to use this project, you have to add your address along with your monthly electric bill data, then this tool will give you information about the size of solar hardware, you need to install as well as the cost of the hardware. This tool will show you cost for both purchasing and lease.

With the information, if you are convinced to install the solar panel, this tool will also give information about the solar providers near you. Google’s this project is certainly going to help you if you want to install a solar panel on your roof.

According to Google, there are chances that the estimation of Project Sunroof may differ from what other providers supply. The reason behind, this is that Google uses the latest photo of your surroundings to estimate these values, but there are chances that there might be some changes like some trees been cut or some other obstruction has popped up after the day the picture of your neighborhood has been taken by Google.
Get more details of  the project by clicking here.