How to install Ubuntu in VMware on Windows OS


VMware players is a visualization software which allows you to run another Operating system in current system. Ubuntu is a debian based Linux Operating system, There are many ways to  test Ubuntu without making permanent changes to your computer.  This article you brings you the information about how to install ubuntu in VMware for Windows Operating system.

Require Downloads

  • Initially download VMware player software and install it on your current system. Click Here to get this VMware Soft ware.
  • Now download Ubuntu Operating system from the official Ubuntu website. I suggest to download 32 bit version because 64 bit software requires tons of memory. You can download Ubuntu Software from Official website.

How to Install Ubuntu in VWware player

  • Once you done with the installation of the VWware player in your current Windows desktop, you have to create the new virtual machine by clicking on Create Virtual Machine.


  • This will open a window New Virtual Machine Wizard, In this select the radio button ” Installer disc image file (iso)” and click on the “Browse” button and point it to the Ubuntu ISO file. As you can see from the below image, VMware automatically detects the OS and makes all the arrangements for easy installation.


  • Click Next button, One more small window will appears with naming details with password after filling it click on the next button to continue.


  • Now you have to name the virtual Machine and you can change the location of this machine as you need by clicking the browse button as shown in below picture.


  • Next screen you can see the disk capacity.


  • VMware is good at creating all hardware specifications automatically


  • If you want to customize the specifications hit the option  Customize Hardware, it will open a window which specs like
  • RAM : For using Ubuntu, 1 GB of RAM is necessary
  • Processors : Here you can select the how many processor cores you want to dedicated to Virtual machine.
  • DVD/CD : Here you can select a different ISO or you can even point it to your physical CD/DVD drive. Of course, we’ve already pointed it to use Ubuntu ISO that we just downloaded, so there is no need for any changes.
  • Once you are done with Hard ware specifications, Finally click on the finish button.


  • If you wants to install 64 Bit Ubuntu then it is better to give 2 GB RAM for the virtual machine, Now your VMware player is ready to use
  • Make sure the check box “Power on this virtual machine after creation” is checked and click the “Finish” button to start installing Ubuntu in VMware player.


  • VMware automatically installs the Ubuntu OS. The installation will take few minutes to install. Once the installation is completed. Your Virtual machine will reboot automatically and you can see the login page of Ubuntu.


  • Enter the password the one we used earlier and hit enter button to start testing Ubuntu.
  • That’s it you are done with installation of Ubuntu in Virtual Machine.