Instagram has taken leaf from another Vine – Auto-loop

By | February 5, 2015

Instagram is taking a leaf from another Vine – yup, quite literally. When Vine introduced loop counts, it instantly replaced likes and shares to become the default metric to measure the popularity of the video. Now it has appeared on another popular social network, Instagram.


Facebook owned Instagram’s 15-second video introduced 18 months was huge hit. With another added new feature, videos in your feed will now loop over and over and over again instead of just playing once. Pausing the video is so outdated, for which it has been replaced with mute and unmute options in the phone. But the videos played on the Instagram web could still be paused.

This auto-play option is certainly easier to show friends and family videos without having to manually restart them and the new feature will directly benefit those willing to spend money on the service. Advertisers can be assured that their videos would be viewed more than before. This also unlocks the potential for a community of interesting music and comedy videos that play on loop.

Instagram has promised its users that the auto-looping – which mimics the way Vine videos automatically replay – would not consume additional bandwidth, something that would have been a concern for many limited data plan users.

It is available in the recent update of iOS app and across the world, ensuring the users automatically gets to see their friends’ 15 seconds (or less) video over and over. It is now open up for the Android users too.

The addition is a subtle one from Instagram as the video feature is not so commonly used by many as much as the sharing photos. People still continue to watch videos via Youtube or Vine. The time-limit of 15 seconds is one of the main reason for it. Despite also adding  a very cool hyperlapse video app to encourage more clips, the video side has yet to catch up and it is fair to say that Instagram is still best known for sharing photos.  Instagram has still not rolled out video counts, but Facebook and Twitter continue to battle over these sharable square videos, it would be surprising if they would popped up a future update.