Instagram “Hyperlapse” app now supports high-speed selfies

By | September 26, 2014

The Instagram has recently launched its latest app Hyperlapse. The Instagram’s new time-lapse app Hyperlapse is help you shoot videos with your iPhone’s rear-facing camera. Peoples are used the app to make some pretty amazing time-lapse videos. With the help of this app user can able to take high speed Selfie. With the use of this app you can share Hyperlapse videos to Instagram, Facebook, or to your camera roll. The company wouldn’t elaborate on how soon the app would be coming to Android platform,but they also said that –

[quote]”We hope to bring Hyperlapse to Android in the future. Unfortunately at current being of time the requisite APIs are not available on Android for the Android user.”[/quote]

The Instagram is also launched a video, which can share some information for this app, the video is given below –

Instagram recommends a few ways to use it :

  • Stand still and have a moving background (i.e. Times Square foot traffic, riding a roller coaster).
  • Capture yourself walking down the street as your surroundings whirl by.
  • Document transformations — getting a new haircut, applying makeup or tying a tie — by propping your phone up against a wall.
  • Hold up your phone as you spin around in a chair, or jump on a trampoline.

Now the app is only available for the iOS user, so the Apple iPhone user can download the app from here!