Instadownloader Android App Review


Instadownloader is an Android app and the name itself resembles that this helps to download the files from Instgram. It acts as an plug in for popular Instagram app and allows the user to download the photos and videos from Instagram. Instadownloader is very simple to use and it doesn’t require any login . You can download the photos, videos and other stuff from the public profiles. Videos and photos can be viewed with the built-in player in the offline mode.


How to use

  • First you need to download Instadownloader from Google Play Store.
  • Copy the share URL of the file what you want in the Instagram app.
  • Now open the Instadownloader app and paste it on it and then tap on download.
  • You need to select where to store the image or the video.
  • Wait for the file to download, open the video and enjoy.

The app consists of a built-in auto looping video player which plays the videos downloaded by Instadownloader or else the downloaded videos can be viewed in the file browser and can be opened using a third party application. This app has also the option to bookmark the favorite shares and posts on the Instagram.

The downloaded videos from Instadownloader doesn’t play on entry level Android phones such as Galaxy Y and others. So you need to depend on other third party for this purpose as given below.

  1. Install MX player as it allows to play the videos of high resolution on entry level smartphones.
  2. Download the videos using the Instadownloader.
  3. Go to the “recent files” choose the ‘Folder icon’.
  4. Now from the option list of players, select MX Player to view the files.

Finally, Instadownloader is the simple and very nice app which do something a lot of users asking for.