Indian innovation startup Cube26 raises funding from Tiger Global Management


Cube26, an Indian technology innovation startup has capital from Tiger Global Management.  The raised amount has not been disclosed.

cube26 (1)

Founded in 2012, the startup Cube26 is well-known for its customized Android experience and gesture technology like “Blink to Capture” for Panasonic and “Look Away to Pause” for Micromax. The software is currently found in 5 million devices or more than 4% of all the mobile users in India. Co-founder and CEO of Cube 26 Saurav Kumar said, “After pioneering gesture technology and enhancing the Android OS experience through customization and applications, we plan to leverage our software expertise across different platforms and form factors.”

With the fresh capital raised, Cube26 plans to use it for business expansion and to develop new technologies. It also has plans to improve its software products and work on smarter devices in the IoT segment. Kumar also said, “Our team of passionate technologists is working to create smarter devices and new opportunities to leverage IoT for India and global market.

Lee Fixel, partner at Tiger Global Management said, “We value technology innovators who understand consumer needs as they evolve across platforms and devices in India. Cube26 has demonstrated deep expertise in understanding this device experience and we believe they can grow rapidly by continuing to innovate products that transform the consumer experience.”

“This investment is a testament to our business vision and growth trajectory. Cube26 has been at the helm of technology innovation since its inception, and we are looking to empower a larger audience with the benefits of our products and solutions. Mobile hardware is steadily becoming commoditized, and lot of device makers are focusing heavily on software-led user experience and monetization,” said Kumar.