In discussion with martin Zwilling on overcoming StartUp Challenges

Martin Zwilling

In our very first episode of StartUps – Today & Tomorrow, we had Martin Zwilling talking about the challenges faced by the new age startups in their journey throughout.
Martin Zwilling

Martin Zwilling is the founder of StartUp Professionals. He has been associated with a few established tech brands like IBM where he headed the MS DOS development group back when IBM was in process of developing their first computer.

Later in his career, he got more attracted towards the StartUp culture and currently he is a part of a few Angel Investing groups in USA along with being an active contributor to Forbes, Huffington Post, Gust etc.

Martin has also authored 2 books for the StartUp entrepreneurs named as Attracting an Angel: How to Get Money From Business Angels and Why Most Entrepreneurs Don’t and Do you have what it takes to be an Entrepreneur 

Below is the first ever episode of our series in which Martin shares his experience of being the StartUp mentor for a long time now.