Improved Google Search makes finding Restaurants much easier on Android


There are few things in the world as convenient as Google search, The Google is now improved with a feature called Filter System and  Google makes finding place to eat much easier by filter options. This app is spotted in the play store to search near by hotels, Restaurants by giving a voice commands. Simply speak the command before speaking it we have say Ok Google followed by the command you need to see or watch.


How to use

Considered an example, Suppose you need to find a Gas Station, just say the Command ” Ok Google” ¬†followed by say where is the Closest Gas station? then it will show you some stuff related to the place of Gas station, let you don’t the address again you say the Command “Ok Google”, followed by navigate the address then it shows you exact address which will sense you properly

Although the Google is able to give us restaurant and hotel listing the experience is smarter, Now this new feature is very easy where it does not require any update for this application only thing you have to use is say list hotels or list or list of restaurants then the Google will fetch the relevant details of the Hotels, only extra feature is that filtering tool of the list.

For restaurants you can choose cuisine type price tags and more, when it comes to Hotels filter includes the stuff like ratings and also you can define when and how long the you need hotel for. We should also encourage new features, Searching a hotels, Restaurants in Google search is known one, Give a try to the new feature only thing you have to do is fire up this Google search in the Android mobile and Download this new filter system which is currently available in the play store only for the US users.