iMoveCharger – A motion charger device for your iPhone


Looking to charge your handset or tablet while you are out and about is one of the most disappointing puzzle facing convenient device holders today. In case you’re ready to charge and carry an additional accessory or two, you can crush a couple of extra hours out of your iPhone, however outside battery packs and portable handset chargers are anything other than perfect. iMoveCharger is not just a standout amongst the most cunning answers for on-the-go charging we have ever seen, however it could keep you in shape in the process.


The charging of any type of smart phone or tablet is possible by simply connecting an electronic device (with one of the included adapters) to the iMoveCharger, selecting the appropriate voltage from 3.3 vdc to 15 vdc, and moving,” writes the team.

That is it. How is that for multitasking? Whether carried in a pocket or kept in a purse, the small, everyday movements that generally people make, whether walking, running or even just bending over, will be quite great to generate enough energy to charge a handset by using of the unified proven power generator.”

The battle on Indiegogo is at present sitting at simply over $1000 with 11 days left to achieve the $25,000 financing target. If the group can achieve its target, the iMoveCharger be able to go into extensive production and supporters will get their units before any other person. The iMoveCharger is required to retail for $80, however the initial 1,000 units will just cost $50.

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