Ideas to run eCommerce business successfully

By | July 4, 2014

eCommerce industry is seeing rapid growth now a days and huge number of new players are entering the market.. Although new players are entering the market only few are able to taste the success. In this article I am going to discuss some ideas to run eCommerce business successfully.

Most of the people believe that setting up eCommerce is very easy and all there is to starting  a successful eCommerce startup and after that they can relax and wait for the money to come into the pockets. But in real world this is not the situation, setting up online shop is very easy, but after starting it requires commitment, business skills and hardwork.


1. Nice down your idea

Everybody who want to start eCommerce business will definitely have some great ideas and you believe that your site is going to create some miracles, but reality is different, when you enter with the idea there will be several people working on the same idea. To step ahead of these people you need to niche down your idea. It is nothing but instead of focusing on too many products, concentrate on single product. Before deciding niche don’t forget to research on your target group. Starting the niche stores will differentiate from the competitors and you can take advantage over them.

Finding the niche is not that easy, you need to study the market and trend and look for the business ideas and focus on what you are good at and use your knowledge and experience to your benefit.

2. Test your idea

After selecting the business idea, research the demand for the product in the market. No new player wants to spend time and resources on the project, only to find that nobody cares. So, to avoid this try to find whether there is interest in your product and to invest on it is profitable. One way to check this is start writing about your product on blogs and social media sites and see the response. Concentrate on your competitors and study their business carefully and learn about the challenges they are facing.

3. Design User friendly and professional website

Before designing the website, remember that your website name should be catchy and unique. Your site shouldn’t just make an impression on the customers but it also to be remembered. Website should look professional and this is one trick to create the impression on  customers. First visit some successful eCommerce site and look out their design and the user interface must be very simple. It is better to design your website with a professional and it must be flexible and simple.

4. Be Honest

Honesty is important for any kind of business and in the case of eCommerce business it is not enough to get the customer once, they should visit your site repeatedly. To create the loyal customer base you need to offer great products and services and right communication approach. Creating the loyal customer base is equivalent to creating the long term relationship and expanding your market. Make your customers feel comfortable and offer intime deliveries and show them you understand their needs and that you offer them the right solution.

5. Make Strategic tie ups

It is known fact that startups often lack resources to fund the big advertisement campaigns in order to create their mark on the market. So full fill this offer the customers some unique propositions such as promotional offers and discounts. Offering good customer service is very important, so tie up with good payment gateway providers and best courier service providers. Try to make alliances with other businesses which presence more trust into your business and make your customers feel more comfortable buying from you. This is enough to create the loyal customer base and then mouth publicity also works more.

6. Make use of content marketing

Content marketing is often neglected and underestimated when it comes to the eCommerce business. But when you get hacked to it then it act as a powerful tool in developing your business. Avoid writing rubbish things to boost your SEO, write some meaningful and useful content about the your product which gains audience and will raise interest enough to make them share the content. Social media play role in marketing your eCommerce store. Thus you can establish yourself as a tough competitor in your field. Try to be active in the forums and online venues related to your  business. This helps you to build connections and you can keep updated yourself about what is happening in the market.

7. Choose right platform for your  eCommerce store

Before building an eCommerce store choose the best platform which suits your product better. There are so many open source eCommerce site builder applications are there you can choose from them.

In my previous articles I have discussed about best eCommerce software to build the online store and best open source eCommerce website builder applications. You can refer above given links to choose the right platform to build your eCommerce store.

I hope this article definitely helps to successfully run your eCommerce store. If you have doubts regarding this article you can comment in the below comment box.



Author: Peter Jacksonn

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