iCloud Drive available for Microsoft Windows before Apple Mac


First time iCloud Drive was announced a couple of months ago, the Apple has unveiled iCloud Drive in the WWDC 2o14 event which held in the month of June in San Francisco. At this event the Apple was announced the iCloud Drive for the Apple iOS 8 platform. And now, according to the latest report the  iCloud Drive  is available for the Windows Operating system which is compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 8.

But the iCloud Drive is not available for the Apple Mac platform. This  means that iOS 8 users who choose to upgrade to iCloud Drive, will not be able to access the data on their Mac operated machines. But the iOS 8 can use the iCloud drive features in their Windows PC’s. The tech giant Apple has already released on updated iCloud for Windows, which brings direct iCloud Drive access and sync features.


The updated iCloud for the Windows platform can sync with the user’s Photo Stream, Safari and Google Chrome boo, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Internet Explorer bookmarks also. The users can also able to sync their iCloud mails, calendars, contacts, and reminders using Outlook 2007 or later. The iCloud Drive  of Apple has also allowed the user to file system-like access to iCloud data, the users can now directly access their synced iCloud files through Explorer, without using one of the Web apps.

The Apple iCloud Drive  also offered the users to save documents and files using any device associated with their iCloud account, eliminating the need to have individual apps installed on tho devices. The Users can also able to browse through their iCloud storage space in the same way which they browse via local folders. Earlier, the documents has to be saved to iCloud could only be accessed with the help apps which were used to create and edit those documents.