IBM reveals a chip works like your Brain


Brain like chip IBMIBM reveals a chip works like  your Brain

IBM has developed a microchip that simulates functions of synapses, neurons and other stuffs that a brain perform. IBM says the chip, a sharp break from the basic design used in most computer systems, excels at chores like classifying objects, recognizing patterns while using much less power than typical hardware we use these days.

IBM’s new chip is the most recent in a series of deliberations by the organization and others to design and develop brain-like chips as normal chip assembling yields less breakthroughs. However its latest offering, portrayed in a paper in the journal Science, has novel features that incorporate its large size and the utilization of advanced digital technology instead of exclusive materials or production process.

The processor which we are talking about may be able to recognize a woman in a video is picking up a purse, or control a robot that is reaching into a pocket and pulling out a quarter. Humans are able to recognize these acts without conscious thought, yet today’s computers and robots struggle to interpret them. This I believe is one of the revolutionary innovation that will take the computation to another level which is not possible to portray right now.

A computer expert has suggested that, by the end of 2020 we will see laser computer working as faster as a super computer.

The chip contains 5.4 billion transistors, yet uses just 70 milliwatts of power. The modern Intel processors in today’s PCs and data centers may have around 1.4 billion transistors and uses far more power — 35 to 140 watts.

Frankly, I am not an expert in this field to say anything on it, I would suggest you to go for the source link to get complete idea about this newly developed brain-like chip also you can join the experts conversation over there put your verdict about this.

Source: The Wall Street Journal