IBM join hands with Tech Mahindra on Hybrid Cloud services


International tech giant IBM today said it  has signed an agreement with IT services major Tech Mahindra to build a platform for the development of cloud-based apps for its clients on Bluemix to increase hybrid services adoption.


The partnership between IBM and Tech Mahindra adds to the US-based firm’s partnerships with other technology firms like SAP, Microsoft and TenCent to grow its global cloud market.

It comes in the following IBM’s announcement in January last year to expand its global footprint of SoftLayer cloud centers. The firm said it would invest USD 1 billion into its Bluemix Platform-as-a-Service to help usher developers into the era of hybrid cloud. Bluemix Dedicated runs on private, dedicated servers and hardware in an organization’s preferred IBM cloud center — a network spanning over 40 regions across the globe.

IBM will work with Tech Mahindra to build a platform for the development of cloud-based apps for its clients on Bluemix Dedicated, a single-tenant version of Bluemix. On the other hand, Tech Mahindra will train 5,000 of its own developers on how to build advanced apps on Bluemix for the hybrid cloud to link core functions like banking and accounting systems with mobile and social apps, using predictive analytics and data linked to the Internet of Things. This will give Tech Mahindra a skilled workforce that can work on services across a range of services.

“IBM has signed a strategic teaming agreement with Tech Mahindra, a specialist in digital transformation, consulting and business re-engineering with $3.5 billion in revenue and over 670 clients across 51 countries,” it said in a statement.

Bluemix runs on SoftLayer cloud infrastructure and combines the strength of IBM’s middleware software with tools from IBM’s partner ecosystem to offer DevOps in the cloud. With access to services and APIs from across the tech industry, Bluemix helps developers speed application deployment from months to minutes, IBM said.

Through this partnership, IBM will provide an open, flexible cloud environment to enable Tech Mahindra’s developers to build cloud-native and cloud enabled applications with a scalable model, it added.

Many of Tech Mahindra’s clients are increasingly looking to tap into the power of the cloud for its benefits in fostering greater efficiency, innovation, speed and collaboration, said Raju Wadalkar, Tech Mahindra Chief Technology Officer of Communications Group.

“However, a large number of these companies are taking cautious steps towards cloud adoption due to performance, security, data sovereignty and other concerns. The hybrid approach of IBM Cloud and Bluemix will help us to bridge this gap, giving our clients greater flexibility and control of their data as they design and adopt cloud strategies,” he added.