IBM and Facebook team up to take ad campaigns to next level


On Wednesday, IBM has joined hands with the Facebook to offer advertisers new interesting integration and help execute program on the basis of personal information. The collaboration of the companies is to bring in the complementary strengths to the profitable and the rewarding business of marketing flooded with data.


The tie-up between IBM and Facebook would make ad campaigns more personal and would be delivered with the right content at the right time to the right set of people. The whole process makes use of the available custom audience details available to the companies and brands that uses IBM’s Marketing Cloud to manage ad campaigns. IBM stated that customers can now buy Facebook ads which has data from Facebook as well as IBM’s Marketing Cloud.

Explaining this with an example. A sport apparel retailer looking to promote swimming costumes to swimmers may use Facebook’s division metrics as well as details specific to the location like if there are swimming coaching classes close-by or if there are stores near a potential buyer to understand the target market better. Those data can then be compared and studied along with the details collected by the marketing team like the number of time a potential customer visits the website or makes call to the customer service desk.

General manager of IBM Commerce, Deepak Advani says, “This is not about running personalized email campaigns. It is about having a conversation that is both personalized and in context.” IBM is not the first company to tap into Facebook for data information but many companies are already making use of Facebook for its ad campaigns. When asked to the company how different is this partnership, director of IBM Commerce Jay Henderson says that Facebook is the first company to be part of the IBM’s THINKLab, where the team members of IBM and Facebook can work hand in hand to design ad campaigns that has a personalized touch. He adds, “No other company is doing this with Facebook today.”

Advertisements is one of the highest revenue generating division of Facebook which generated $10 billion revenue in 2014. Partnership motives are quite simple for Facebook. It want its ads to make more sense and useful for its members. “Our partnership with IBM will help top brands achieve personalization at scale by using IBM’s marketing cloud to find and engage their target audiences on Facebook, as well as solve their vexing challenges by consulting with IBM Commerce THINKLab,” said Blake Chandlee, VP of Partnerships for Facebook. He also added, “We will also be working closely with IBM Commerce THINKLab to help deliver people-based marketing that’s optimized to achieve each brand’s business goals.”

Through the partnership IBM is expected to generate more revenue for its data commerce business. Whereas for Facebook, the incentive is not just more number of ads on Facebook instead it is the better-performing ones that can quote higher rates, said Chandlee. It is looking forward for more sales and not just clicks.

Apart from Facebook, IBM has teamed up with other leading tech companies recently, which includes Twitter to give businesses access to its social media data  and with Apple to create some interesting business applications for iPad.