Hurry! Inbox by Gmail open invites for 24 happy-hours only!


Inbox by Gmail, launched last October, is a revamped mail app that has combined Google and Gmail. Inbox by Gmail intends to do something different from the traditional mailbox. Google which allowed it’s users to download the app through invites-only has now opened its happyhours again to promote the app further. Google has announced it would be opening for invites to Inbox just for 24 hours time.

Inbox by Gmail

Statistics, since its launch in October, shows its usage about 70% Android, 28% iPhone and 34% web. Google states the Bundle feature in Inbox, that categorizes mails based on the topic has become a hit feature and extremely popular among the users. Next to the Bundle, Assists feature that helps in finding phone numbers, skipping to websites, looking at the schedule in calendar right inside the app is very popular. It is followed by the Reminders and Snooze features.


This is the first time Google has opened the Inbox invites for full 24 hour period and also the first promotions for Inbox in 2015. It has been slowly giving out invites based on the requests though it did not guarantee response. But if requested in this 24 hour period, one is sure to get it.Those users who have not received an invite for Inbox can now send an email to from an address requesting for access before friday 9am PST (10:30pm IST) to get the invite. This announcement was tweeted through official Gmail account which was retweeted by the official Inbox account.

Inbox by Gmail

The interesting aspect is this promotion is happening on the same day when Outlook in iOS is available to all. Inbox is Google’s attempt to come up with an email client for its Gmail service that makes more sense and user-friendly on mobile devices, but Microsoft may have bought its way to a better solution. Either way, taking advantage of this Inbox invite promotion is your best bet for comparing the two first-hand.

It not very clear why Inbox by Gmail is still an invitation-only service, but perhaps it is still under testing and Google is working out some kinks before its full-fledged launch.

Below is a short video that explains how Inbox by Gmail works (for those who are not aware of it):

If you have already started using Inbox or have received an invite today, please do share your views below.