Hulu unveils a GIF search engine to find images for its shows


GIFs are one of the interesting means to express an emotion or a statement without text on the Internet. Also, it is a convenient way to show snippets of animations without posting or viewing an entire video. Finding such GIFs has become easier in recent days, adding the introduction of YouTube’s own GIF creation tool and the latest add-on to the list is Hulu.

A scene from the 'Pretty Little Liars' series
A scene from the ‘Pretty Little Liars’ series

Hulu can make it simpler to find GIF of your choice whether it may be an emotion to a scene from a particular show. The streaming TV service announced Monday a Tumbler tool called ” The Perfect GIF,”  a service that Hulu says it simplifies the task to get an animated images from the show. It also lets users to filter the GIF results based on keywords like ‘ reaction’ and  ‘OMG’ as well as current television shows. Other tools like hashtags narrow down the results and general search let users to hunt for the GIF they are on look-out for.

Currently, the library includes more than 1,400 clips from shows across top networks like NBC, MTC, Showtime and Bravo. Classic series like “Cheers” and ” The X-files” are part of it which can be searched with the tags or titles or character’s actions.

The difference between the ‘ Star Trek’ GIF from Hulu and one created on another site is that Hulu’s GIF are fully licensed and higher-quality. However, it does not allow meme creators to create a GIF of their own. Otherwise, it’ s quite similar for the company says its GIF can be easily searched for on net and shared on a mobile device, can be posted to Tumbler and Twitter. GIFs from Hulu can also be shared on Pinterest or emailed.

Hulu’s has some strict policies like it does not let GIFs to be combined for profit in a mashup a la BuzzFeed or used as desktop wallpaper. The company says the users can find meme-worthy clips or perfect GIF within a few “days or weeks” after the episodes air. It also says it will add GIFs on everyday basis.

One of the policies of the company is including branding with the network name for whichever channel the show is airing on, as well as a ‘#hulu’ tag, providing advertisements for both while, the company seems to hope, providing the Internet with an organized collection of animation tit bits.