Hulu to offer an ad-free Subscription for the users

By | July 18, 2015


Watching TV without ad is the one thing everybody wishes for, as for TV viewers watching ad in between the TV series is most annoying thing. According to Wall Street Journal, Hulu is planning to offer an ad free subscription service. This new subscription will cost more than the current premium plan.

Till now Hulu subscription service supports ad for both free and current premium plan of $7.99 per month, meaning you are forced to watch ads in between the TV series, which is without any doubt annoying.

According to Wall Street Journal’s report, Hulu is planning to launch a bit pricier paid version subscription service, on which you can watch the programs without nay ads. This service is expected to be launched as early as fall this year.

According to the report, this new service is being called “NOAH” or “No Ads Hulu” and will come at the price in between $12 to $14 per month. Its direct competition right now Netflix offers a standard streaming plan at $7.99 and HD streaming at $8.99 and both of these services are ad-free.

Through this new plan Hulu is planning to increase its subscribers. Only time will tell that what is response of these new ad free service streaming services from Hulu.