Huebrix Now In Windows Phone Platform


The Huebrix is a famous puzzle game which is already available in the Android and iOS, now it is available for the Windows Phone user. The Huebrix is made by Yellow Monkey Studios is a color puzzle game about filling spaces on the grid with paths of blocks. This game has over 1.6 million downloads on other platforms, and now it is ready for Windows Phone users.

In this game you will get 400 levels, which test your skills and become tough at every level. In this game you have to solve the levels one by one  by dragging the paths from blocks to fill out the puzzle grid. The blocks only offered you path of a specified length, so it is going to require some hard work from your brain.


In the gameplay, you will get some special blocks  which were appearing to determine the orientation of paths, acting as clues and challenges at the same time. For example, an arrow block which forces you to go in one direction. And a colored block, only accepts specific colors. A block with an X ends the current path. The user interface of the game looks easy but it is challenging. In this game you will get a timer in the top right corner of  the game which stops when a level is solved. It does not reset back to zero if you retry a level. Because of that you have to solve the puzzles as fast as  much as possible. It is paid game, which is available at $1.99 in the Windows Phone Store. You can download the game from here!

Features :

  • Over 400+ levels
  • Interesting game play
  • Special blocks are present for clues and paths
  • Offered the Crossword Puzzle feel