Indian Social Networking site, Hubhopper raises funds



Social networking startup, Hubhopper has received an unspecified amount of funding. The company will use the fund to expand its team and improve its website. It is also aiming to add some more features, so that it can attract more users.

Hubhopper is basically a community that allows users to interact and share trending stuff on the internet, it also suggests users some new contents. The basic feature of the platform is that it gives the users more control over content and also creates a real-time flow of information. The site also offers a console like option box for tuning into categories of post.

When you sign up for the Hubhopper, you’ll get a control dashboard that allows you to set your interests and preferences. You can also set how much you want to see your personalized stuff.

The Delhi based startup is also in talks with some India and Singapore based fund managers to raise funds in next rounds of funding in next few years. CEO and founder of Hubhopper, Gautam Raj Anand said about the future plan, “The next 12 months are extremely exciting for us as we take this platform to the next level and build on our core team.” It will surely be interesting to see how this social networking startup does in coming year.