Huawei launches 6 inch Ascend Mate 7 with Full HD Display

By | September 4, 2014


In second day also at the IFA conference companies are announcing advance gadgets, just now Huawei has announced the bigger 6 inch Ascend Mate 7 with Full HD display. This time Huawei has also followed the metal body trend to offer more strength and better build quality to attract people across the world. Compared to other available Mate flagship devices we’re looking here at another oversized smartphone, though the 7 in the name doesn’t refer to the screen size, it’s a 6-incher.

The Mate 7 is made of “true metal”rather than the typical plastic body and the whole body is made from a single piece with nice looking edges. Round the front which Huawei calls it “invisible edge,” and it comes with really thin bezels. Surprisingly the side panel is so thin that the bezels are practically none existent compared with an 83% screen-to-body ratio. Apart from being 6-inches it’s only slightly bigger than the Galaxy Note 4. The thickness of the Ascend Mate 7 is mere a 7.9 mm.

Ascend Mate 7 is fuled by a Kirin 925 CPU, which is also the world’s first LTE Cat 6 Octa-core chipset coming with a device. Made up of 4 A15 and 4 A7 cores, Huawei claims some serious HP(horse power) from the Mate 7. To stand solid to compete with other device in terms of battery life has packed huge 4100 mAh battery that seems very solid specs and also they said that more than 100 apps have been already optimized for the chipset to offer better performance and save power between 20% to 50% battery usage in the Mate 7. Round the back, there is indeed a fingerprint scanner to unlock the phone, with instant single-touch.

As we have see in the event, the device will be available in three different colors; gold, silver and black and also they will offer many accessories including dedicated flip cover with a front window to intract directly with the incoming calls, time date and weather. Also they are offering nive ear buds with better noise cancellation and here also it will consume less batter while listing to music or talking to someone via the headphone.

For now, this much info we have about the device, stay connected with us to get the hands on review of Huawei Ascend Mate 7 right here in