Huawei to launch Ascend P7 with sapphire-clad display



Mobile display technology is changing like anything, all smartphone company tries to put something new to be in the competition to others. Last year, to get the attention, companies launched Corning Gorilla Glass for screen protection and this year it is said to be that Huawei is all set to launch sapphire clad display with Acsend P7.

Sapphire displays are becoming the new standard in screen materials for high quality display. This robust material boasts a powerful medium with exceptional scratch-proof and crack performance. Huawei just couldn’t keep their hands behind their backs, and while they are not going all in on the material, they are ready to give it a test. Also a rumor is there that Apple iPhone 6 is also coming with sapphire protected display.


The Chinese smartphone maker said to be launching a sapphire variant of their very popular Ascend P7 smartphone cum tablet, a representative from Huawei revealed the news to Engadget. This Ascend P7 series will be limited in quantities, most probably they will launch the first slot this September and then in coming November. Still they haven’t mentioned the price but don’t expect this to fall other than high-range category.

People still thinking, what is sapphire display protection, read below,

Sapphire-clad is also a kind of display protection helps you to use touch without any scratch. Previous tests prove Sapphire displays are great for protecting against scratches, but contrary to common belief, these are not shatter proof (though they are strong enough to face normal disaster happens with a smartphone).


Furthermore, big brands like Apple and Kyocera (known for their ruf & tuff devices) are signing up to join the sapphire party. We just cannot say how strong sapphire crystal is yet, but you can be sure we will put it to the test. As usual, you can expect some drops to come!