HTC releases Sense 6.0 Lockscreen to all HTC users via PlayStore


HTC after launching the latest Desire 820 with new Sense 6.0, started moving towards the software updates to their existing users. HTC opens up the Sense 6.0 lockscreen to all HTC users running Android Jelly Bean or above. Users and can directly get that from the Play Store. Also HTC has gotten quite into the habit of updating its built-in apps through the Play Store, and that’s a good thing. It means you don’t have to wait on full system updates to get new features.

However, the features listed at the PlayStore download page is not much clear but once getting the app on your device will sure see something new to play with —you can swipe right to BlinkFeed and left to the widget home panels.

But now HTC will be able to release updates for the component quickly through Play Store. One advantage of offering any update via Google Store is, get reached more people at a time which is not possible to notify all the users to update the firmware, or app or any software tweaks.

If you still have doubt about the Lockscreen, just head over to the Play Store link given below and read the review people have given after using it. It has got 4.5/5.0 star. Also withing one day, it has got more than 1,5k downloads.

Download, install and comment below, is the lock is worthy or not?