HTC One M9 concept revealed, looks pretty good


HTC One M8 Front Back

With the great success of the HTC One M8 2014, the rumor is flooding sites with its successor the HTC One M9. Delightful idea plans have surfaced on the web of the supposed smartphone and from the looks of them, the HTC One M9 has a smooth and pleasing taste The two idea plans that are continuously displayed beneath look completely not the same as the HTC One M7 and the M8. If you were not satisfied with the configuration of the HTC One M8 not looking any not the same as its predecessor, the HTC M7, then perhaps you will appreciate these brilliant design concept made by these amazing designers.

The imagined concept design features a delightful 5.3 inch full HD display with anti-glare capability. The display is additionally anticipated that will have Corning Gorilla Glass 3 and is likewise said to have 3 GB of RAM. In addition to the upgraded RAM, the smartphone packs a 13 MP dual camera with 4K recording and a 7 megapixel front-facing camera. The OS seen in the concept is evidently Android 5.0 Milkshake, which is said to be the following Google OS.

If we talk about its back at the HTC One M7 and M8, you can see that the speakers takes a few more space on the front of the smartphone. This can additionally be seen on the configuration idea made by Rishi Ramesh. With the speakers gone, more screen space has been permitted to take a large portion the telephone. The design additionally has a flimsy bezel.

These all are expected configuration and design about the upcoming HTC One M9. Still there is no prediction about the launch and other specs which matters a lot.

Source : Gadgets Concepts