HTC One M8 for Windows borrows double-tap wake feature of Lumia


The HTC One M8 for Windows which is a non-Lumia product, now comes with double-tap wake feature. The Double-tap to wake feature came to the Nokia Lumias range in mid-2013. This is the optional tool by which the users tap their display twice when it is off, letting people turn on their phones without using the power-button. The  Double-tap has always been a useful feature, especially if the Smartphone user only have one-hand available and you would like to use your phone.


And for the HTC One M8 for windows, this feature goes by the name of  Motion Launch, and i this feature  will be  located under the Settings. Users can easily enable or disable this feature on his HTC Windows Smartphone, if we  are technically speaking, this does consume minimal amounts of battery and some people may just not like it.

The Motion Launch  of HTC is not only beneficial for Lumia users considering switching, but it is also necessary for the interactive Dot View case (demo of it and it Cortana integration coming up shortly which we discussed in our earlier post). Overall though,  this HTC Motion Launch behaves similar like the Nokia’s  Lumia version,  which making Lumia users feel right at home.