HP to unveil 14inch chromebook competitor for Microsoft for $199


Hewlett Packard is rumored to unveil 14inch Windows PC, Chromebook Competitor is called HP Stream, which comes with 100 GB of one drive storage for two years. According to the reports the Redmond based technology is planning to launch this Chromebook which is called HP stream.

This HP stream 14 inch was leaked two days back from the tech website Mobile Geeks that spotted an entire data sheet and price tag of $199. Let us discuss the full specifications of this new 14 inch Chromebook Competitor which includes A4 Micro 6400T Quad core soc processor along with 2 GB of Ram and an integrated Raden R3 GPU. In the mother board Heat sink is present with out a built in fan.

For this 14 inch display it has 1366 x 768 pixel resolution and 200 nits of brightness, SDXC card slot and either 32 or 64 GB of storage with 32 WH battery to power and expected weight about 1.75 KG. This device also expected to sport support for three USB ports, HDMI, Bluetooth and WiFi, four Speakers supports beats audio and Microsoft Window’s 8.1 Operating System. Earlier this year, Microsoft shined a spotlight on several new Windows-powered laptops months away from release. All of them cost less than $250 each. It announced a $199 Windows laptop from HP, for instance, dubbed stream device.

No formal launch or announcement date for the notebook is available yet, but Microsoft shouldn’t take much time in unveiling it. Microsoft seems to be threatened by Google’s recent efforts to boost its Chromebook platform. The search giant had detailed big plans for its Chrome OS run notebooks at the Input/Output Conference this year.Stay tune for more details.