HP to debut smartwatch, teamed with Gilt and designer Michael Bastion


HP to debut smartwatch
Motorola might be the first to showcase an rounded smart watch, yet they unquestionably aren’t the main producer interested by the form factor. Not just have we seen licenses proposing that Samsung is planning to move into the round smart watch market, however another gossip has even popped up this week suggesting Oneplus has a circular watch in the work in progress. Presently HP is bouncing in as well, however not at all like the Oneplus and Samsung rounded watches, this one is more than just a rumor.

Teaming up with a very popular designer Michael Bastian, HP’s smart watch will come as an exclusive to Gilt. What do we actually know about this watch? Not a lot, other than it had a circular design, 3 swappable bands with different finishes, 44-millimeter stainless steel case and it works with both iOS and Android with the help of app.

Honestly, as of now, we don’t have any idea how “smart” this watch really is or going to be, but according to the announcement calls it a “men’s timepiece featuring smart technology engineered by Hewlett-Packard”, though they also refer to it as a smart watch. (See the image below)

We really do not know what to anticipate here about the upcoming smart watch, other than we know, it will work fine with both iOS and Android platform and the fashion will be a big focus for HP and Bastian.

HP’s watch is expected to arrive this fall, though pricing and other specifics are unknown, but we imagine it’s a safe bet that this won’t come cheap. What do you think, like the idea of a fashion watch with some smart features, or should smartwatch functionality come before design?

HP’s watch is relied upon to arrive this fall, however hardware specs and pricing are obscure, yet we imagine its a safe wager that this won’t come cheap or affordable. What do you think, in the same way as the thought of a design watch with some savvy features, or should smart watch features come before?