How to use Television as Computer monitor

By | May 30, 2014

Using Television as a display of your Laptop or computer has many applications, You can use this Television in the Classrooms, Seminar halls and more for the purpose of giving presentations. You can also use this for the Home projects like video editing, audio mixing etc. Fortunately if computer and Television are recent models, You required only one cable to the Laptop to the Television. This post gives you clear information about How to connect the Television as Computer monitor.

  • Initially make sure the computer out puts, Actually there are four types of cables which are to be use to transmit the video signal from laptop or Computer to the Television. The cables are HDMI, DVI,VGA and S-Video.


  • Check your Television for the same four ports available are not, for the newer TV all these ports will be available.


  • Identify the the ports which are shared by both TV and the Computer, At least one port will be available similar and identify that port and purchase the appropriate cable for the port from the electronic store.
  • Suppose if there are multiple ports available identical then prefer the best among them, HDMI should be preferred because it can handle high quality video and audio.
  • DVI is next best cable followed by S-video and VGA.


  • If you cannot use one of the four cables mentioned above, Then you have to use the adapter which coverts the one type to other.


  • There also an another way, By using USB cable. But this is fine for photo slides, and presentation you cannont use for videos and gaming.


  • Set your TV to receive the computer’s inputGenerally, this is done by setting the TV to a certain channel or by cycling through its “input” or “auxiliary” channels. After connecting the 2 devices using the appropriate cable and booting your computer, find the required channel on your TV to display the computer’s output.


  • Send the audio signal for the TV if you required, As I mentioned the cables above only HDMI will carries both audio as well as video signals. By using 3.5 mm with RCA on the other end can be used for the audio.