How to use S Note on Samsung Galaxy S5


The S Note app is the notes making app that comes pre-installed on Samsung latest flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S5. It provides the most convenient way to take both the handwritten and typed notes on the go. You can sync your S Note app with Evernote app and so they can be available everywhere.


How to use S Note on Samsung Galaxy S5

  • To create a new notes in S Note, use the pen tool visible at the upper left hand corner. You can choose between the free hand writing and typed notes.
  • Tap on the T symbol next to the pen tool or expand the pen tool menu and select the writing utensils like color and more. The utensils thickness may differ from one to another.
  • There is a decent formatting bar too on the top which allows you to undo and redo the actions. Go to the menu, looks like three dots at the top right corner and you can perform more actions.
  • You can even share your notes to others from this menu.
  • S Note app comes pre loaded with different templates including the meeting agenda notes, including checklists, blank sheets and more. When you use the S Note for the first time you will be asked to choose the default template. However you can them according to your needs.
  • If you are on any page, tap on the menu button to get the more options like you can record the sketch, magnify notes and more.

S Note is the best notes making app for Samsung Galaxy S5 or any other Samsung Smartphone. Evernote is also a good option for creating the short notes, but S Note comes along with so many pre loaded templates and options like sharing the notes, record the sketch and magnify notes. S Note is more comfortable with its templates and options.