How to use Google Maps on Android and iOS without internet


Now you can access Google Maps even when you are not connected to internet. If you are lost some where with no internet connection, you can find your way back with your Android or iOS device. Google has recently added the feature that lets you save the maps to your phone and you can check them even when you are offline. But you cannot access the route information, navigation, address and traffic which requires an internet connection. Having the map data for reference may save a lot of time for you.

Here is the process for how to use Google Maps on Android and iOS without internet. The process is similar for both the platforms. You need to download the Google Maps version 3 for iOS which was released last week and for Android users be sure that you are using Google Maps version 8.


How to use the Google Maps offline

  • The first step is sign in to your Google account to use this feature.
  • Now type “OK Maps” in the search bar and search for it. Now a dialog opens at the top of the map asking “Save this map” and tap on the save button at the bottom of the map and save it.
  • Here you can zoom out or zoom in and move the map select the area that you want to save and everything on the visible on the screen will be downloaded. For example if you want save the New York city, zoom it and save the entire city and later on you can zoom to see the individual streets and places.
  • After you selecting the area, the dialog box pops up and you are asked to save the map and give a name for it.
  • Accessing the saved maps in offline mode is very easy, just tap on the person icon, next to the directions icon on the search bar and you will be headed to your profile. Scroll the button to see your saved maps.

You can’t zoom out too far, it will show an ¬†error that map area cannot be saved because it is too large. The data used depends on the area how much you are saving.