How to Use Bluetooth Keyboard with an Android Device


You want to connect your Bluetooth Keyboard with an Android device, to make the typing more comfortable and easy for you. And you do want to type on your Android device such any Android Tablet or Phablet or even your Android Smartphone. Then these instructions will help you to use Bluetooth Keyboard with an Android device.

 Steps to Connect Bluetooth Keyboard with an Android Device

  • Step 1 –  First of all On your Android device, go to Settings >Bluetooth to turn on Bluetooth.
  • Step 2 –  Now Make sure that the power switch on your Keyboard model is set to be ON otherwise the Android device will never  find in its search, and then press the Bluetooth Connect button on, which might be back of the keyboard.

bluetooth keyboard

  • Step 3 –  Now Check that your Keyboard is ON or not, you can check by blinking the lights on the keyboard.
  • Step 4-On your Android device, in the Settings screen, tap once on the Keyboard Model which is displayed on the screen of the device, for to select.

android device

  • Step 5 –  Now on your keyboard, type the PIN code, which will display on your device’s screen, and then press Enter.
    Note – The code is generated randomly on the device.
    Once you press Enter, the pop-up should disappear and the word Connected should show beside your keyboard in the Devices list.
  • Step 6 –  Now your keyboard is now connected to your Android device.

Note : Please check which Android variant is installed on your Android device. This Process is applicable for Android 4.0 to higher variants  of Android Operating system only.