How to use a “DigiCam” as a ” Web Cam”


If you have a Digital Camera and you want to know, How to use it as a Web Camera. Some peoples are facing problem with using the digital camera as a web cam. Now this time I bring a solution for you which sort out your problem. Here are some required steps are given to get this function ready to use.

Steps to use a “DigiCam” as a ” Web Cam”

# Step 1

First of all you have to check the manual of your digital camera which is coming at the time of purchase, and then you have to see if it can be used as a webcam. Because many of the digital cameras have this functionality and even come with webcam software.

digi camera

# Step 2

Now you have installed the Camera Drivers in your system. If you have a software CD which needs to be installed on the computer before using your digital camera as a webcam, install it now.

# Step 3

Now you have to connect your USB video source, which capturing  the device to your computer. After that you have to plug into the USB port of your system. You need all your drivers installed into your computer, otherwise the Digi cam is not working as a Web cam.  You also ensure that the device is properly positioned before inserting. If you encounter any resistance on inserting, remove and check the position again.

camera plugin

# Step 4

Now Plug it in.  And grab all  the audio/video cables of the USB video source, which are capturing the device end and plug them into the audio/video cables which come with the camera, that are standard in most  of the Digi cameras, which are coming with them to connect your camera with the TV.

#Step 5

Now Plug in the jack of the audio/video cables right into your camera for making the setup.



#Step 6

After that you have to go to my computer and click on the USB video source capturing device drive icon. That will displays the video capturing with the camera.

# Step 7

Now plug  the  digital camera’s power adapter into the camera. Some  of the camera is not working as a webcam unless they are plugged into A/C power  because they requires too much power. Even if your’s Digi cam functions as a webcam while on batteries, the  A/C power saves your batteries and prevents your camera from shutting down in the middle of a video calling or broadcast

# Step 8

Turn your digital camera on. Put camera on video mode. You’re ready to video chat.

# Step 9

Now plug the microphone into the microphone jack of your sound card.  You have to use a separate microphone if  in the case  your digital camera doesn’t transmit sound when used as a webcam.

# Step 10

Now Set up the camera as close to your monitor as much as possible. This will allow the better face to face communication.


# Step 11

Now Position yourself about 2 to 3 feet away from the digital camera. Because most of the  digital camera’s focus best at this distance when used as a webcam. Now you enjoy the video calling by the use of your Digi Cam