How to unroot Samsung Galaxy S4


Users are done with the rooting Samsung Galaxy S4, There many advantages as well as disadvantages in rooting a device. The unrooting is also a process to retain the originality of the device back. Easily we can unroot the device and can go back to the stock firmware.

The reasons behind to unroot samsung Galaxy S4 are

  • To gain the warranty of the device, Not all the will get warranty if you unroot, unless  manufacturer warranty if you had one before rooting.
  • Fix any issues, After rooting you may got any issues these will be over come by using unrooting.
  • Tarting over.

Things to do Before unrooting

  • you should have done the rooting similar to procedure give here.
  • This will be done only in the windows PC’s.
  • you must required the Drivers of your device, If not Click Here to Download the drivers.

Files to be Download

  • Download Odin file and save it to desktop.
  • Download the appropriate Stock firmware for your device. click Here to Download the Stock Firmware.

Steps for unrooting the Samsung Galaxy S4 (Canadian)

  • Initially you need to extract the both file Odin and Stock firmware by right clicking and select extract option.
  • double click on the Odin executable film and it will open, click on PDA and choose the stock firmware file you just extracted to your desktop.
  • Make sure about the re partition is un checked in Odin and put the check marks on the boxes Auto reboot and F . Reset Time.
  • Switch off your device.
  • Turn it back by holding the volume down button, Home and power button together.
  • Once you are done with this you need to press volume up button and you should be in download mode.
  • Connect your device to PC through USB cable, Hit start in the Odin then it will start the flashing the stock firmware  of your device.
  • Once firmware is flashed, The Device will reboot automatically.
  • You are done with the root Samsung galaxy s4.