How to unroot Android device


Android rooting is the process of allowing users of smart phones and tablets and other devices running the Android Operating System to attain to privileged control  known as “root access” within Android’s sub-system. When you root your root customizing your smartphone becomes easier it will increase the battery life because constantly running applications by carriers and manufacturers are removed. Rooting also increase the space in the memory and performance and many more. Although these many benefits are there how ever rooting will be irritating when ever you don’t get the updates to your phones because it is rooted. And also looses the warranty benefits of the phone.

Getting your phone repair or returning it to the store is a problem as you have already rooted the phone, But there is way to get back your device with damage. This program is named as “OTA ROOTKEEPER” that allows to remove the root for the purposes of getting updates. Simply follow the steps to Unroot Android Device.

  • Click the Google play store icon from applications of Home screen in your device you can go to Home screen by pressing Home screen button and press the play store icon.


  • Click on the search Icon in the right top in that bar type ‘OTA ROOT KEEPER’ for the free app, Click on that app to download and install.


  • Click on the install Once you  done with Downloading make sure regarding space to install cleanly.


  • Open the application after installation once app is installed you can also access to the app from the Apps button from our device.


  • Hit the button marked Temp .unroot keep back up. ” your phone is now temporarily unrooted. If you’d like to make it more permanent, click the “delete su back up” button. you can click the restore when you want to root back.