How to unlock Verizon phone


The Verizon phones are cell phones which are compatible with both Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA)and Global system for mobile communication  (GSM) networks. Verizon and other companies in the United states use CDMA where as the most of the countries used GSM for main network. This post will teach you How to unlock Verizon phones.

Verizon phones are locked for exclusive use on the Verizon network, but they may be unlocked by entering a special code. Verizon offers this code for free if you want to unlock only the GSM capabilities of the phone. You must purchase a code to unlock the phone for both CDMA and GSM. Follow the below steps to unlock Verizon phone.

  • Initially you need to dial *#06# in your phone to display the IMEI number, Actually this number is the unique number for your mobile where as the number will be in 15 digits and is basis of unlock code. You need to write it down the number.
  • Now you have to take the support from the support department of the Verizon wireless to request the GSM  unlock code.
  •  Verizon Wireless will send you a SIM card and ask you to call back. Once the SIM card arrives, the service representative will walk you through the unlocking process. The phone is now unlocked for GSM only.
  • Open the browser and  navigate the website which sells the unlock code, This is necessary for the phone if you to unlock for CDMA in US carriers as well as GSM networks.
  • Search the website’s database for your phone and verify that they have an unlock code for the Verizon version. Fill in the IMEI and other required information to complete the purchase and wait to receive the unlock code via email. This may take up to a one to two weeks.
  • Simple follow the instruction followed which includes in the unlock code, Each manufacturer and model has an unique way of entering the code. This even may required SIM card from different Network cases.