How to unlock iPhone 5S


If you have bought an iPhone 5S through the carrier, then it comes locked. So, when you want to go out of the country or you want use on different network you need to unlock your iPhone. Here is the procedure for how to unlock iPhone 5S through some official means. There are two methods for unlocking the iPhone, One is unlocking through the carrier and the other is unlocking through the paid service.

Method 1 : Unlock Through the carrier

  • Step 1 : Contact your service provider and known about their unlock policy. Most of the network providers will unlock your after the contract is finished or you have paid the total termination fee. If you are travelling out of the country, they might unlock your phone and you can use the local service there.
  • Step 2 : You can also contact the service provider which you are planning to shift to. They may unlock your phone if you are willing to switch to their network. Contact the service provides you are desired to shift to and learn about their policy.
  • Step 3 : If you want to shift to another service provider make sure that your device is compatible with that certain carrier.

Method 2 : Unlock through the paid service


  • Step 1 : There are so many website in online that sells the unlock codes for iPhone for payment. These websites may prevent the restrictions by operating in the countries that are not covered by US law.
  • Step 2 : Before paying for unlock on any websites, know the details of the website, go through the user reviews and ask in the iPhone forums.
  • Step 3 : The company you are visited to unlock the iPhone will ask for your iPhone’s IMEI code which is unique for your device. Now your phone will be added to the Apple’s official unlocked phones list and it will be unlocked even when you upgrade to iOS versions.
  • Step 4 : After you receive the confirmation that your iPhone is unlocked, you need to activate it before the unlock takes effect.