How to Unlock Blackberry 9300 curve 3G


Unlocking the blackberry 9300 curve is very, safest and also invasive method of unlocking your phone using code, For unlocking the phone you need to provide the IMEI number of your phone you can take the IMEI code information which is written on the label present near battery as shown in the picture. or type *#06# on the keyboard to get the IMEI code. This article give you clear idea to unlock Blackberry 9300 curve 3G by using Code.

  • MEP or PRD number is required to unlock the phone, You can get the MEP  number can be read by using this program Link to MEP number.
  • The PRD number is written under the battery label in the format PRD followed by number for example PRD-12236-987.
  • Connect phone to the computer.
  • Install the drivers of the black berry.
  • Run program and press READ option.

How to Enter the Code on Black Berry 9300 curve 3G

  • Turn on the phone
  • Go to options, then advanced options .
  • Once you done then, Select SIM card Type
  • MEPD or MEPPD (text does not appear)
  • Unlock menu appears, select the NETWORK field
  • Type MEP2 or MEPP2 (text typed does not appear)
  • Enter the unlock code
  • The phone is unlocked.

Another method

  • Insert unaccepted SIM card
  • Phone will ask for MEP network.
  • Enter unlock code delivered on email
  • Now phone is unlocked